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June 24, 2014

Light the Blue Touch Paper


When you talk about the history of racing Triumphs; one legend comes to mind: Gary Nixon. His superlative skill on road, track and trail. His Number 9 adoring the white and blue bodywork saw numerous victories for this dogged and respected racer.


A pint sized repli-racer: a well fettled Cub resplendent in Nixon ‘Blues’. Small in stature but big of heart. It looks like an outstanding wee tool.

June 23, 2014

Get the kettle on!


Tea goes hand in hand with motorcycling. Perfect for quenching a thirst after a good ride. Here’s Steve enjoying a cuppa whilst filming a tunneling scene in the Great Escape. Niele looks on.


Our man Martin is a big tea drinker. Famous for having a waam mug o’ chai always handy. Overalls and  V12 Vantage Aston Martin seal the deal for enjoying the good things in life.


Of course cafe (PR. caff) racers hare between the  edge of town ‘greasy spoons’ and the mobile transport cafes spaced along the A roads of England. Here’s a perfect one complete with outdoor seating and fluttering flags.


It’s not their outward appearance that draws the clientele. As long as the brew is warm and wet, the food freshly cooked, then you’re set!


“The Greezies”: egg, sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms, black pudd’n; and a slice (white bread with marg). All washed down with a tea! Perfect! Back on the road to head home…


Classic period shot of a Triumph Cub rider at The Sunset.

June 22, 2014

Let’s go Fast


A Cub adapted for speed work: looks like the Salt Flats with big pipe, low bars, skinny tires and lightweight clothing(!) Though not as streamlined as Rollie Free on his Vincent.

June 3, 2014



The kick start was the owners way of getting the motorcycles engine spinning up for ignition up until the early to mud seventies. It takes a little finesse, careful setup (lest you get an ankle biting kick-back) and a smooth, but hefty swing of the leg. Getting your weight over it eases the proceedings as is an audience of zero. Add one or two bystanders and it all goes to pot. Misfire, blowback pop, slipping pawls or over zealous throttle to get the engine revving like its being mistreated.

When it all goes smoothly and the stars are aligned it can be a beautiful thing: swoosh, crack, put-put…. Into an low rumbling idle…

The road awaits!

May 27, 2014

Nose Art Tank


Another example of the aggressive shark tooth’d grimace seen on the warbirds of WW2. This would look smart on the Tiger Cub tank. Not too much more room for the bomb ridin’ gal though. Olive Drab and red backed pointy teeth gives a nasty bite! Gnash!


May 19, 2014

Baby Cub


A hint of what we can expect soon… A sneak peek at the future new Triumph Cub.  We’ll explore this further…

May 13, 2014

Danny’s Cub #9


Perhaps my next project? A flat track Tiger Cub. Light the blue touch paper and stand well back…

Just need an oval of dirt and tip ‘er sideways.

May 9, 2014



Four square: as the project heads into the final laps I need to get my head into its appearance. So I’m reviewing various examples of trials set up Cubs. This one has the footpeg and rear brake positioning necessary for the slow and deliberate riding: placement further back to allow a standing stance on the ‘pegs giving correct weight distribution. The kick start is also a folding bent crank to swing past these rear placed pegs. The high-mount exhaust and small ‘seat perch’ add further neat details to the proceedings. I won’t have this alloy tank, using the typical Cub tank of the period. It is a nifty looking machine!

May 5, 2014

Prime Directive


The clutch slotted into place easily this evening with primary chain and crankshaft sprocket also slotted onto its splines. New friction plates and springs should give the clutch refreshed bite. I bolted the cover on and dropped the cylinder head temporarily into place to get a feel of the engine as a complete unit. “Lookin’ Good Billy Ray” “Feelin’ Good Louis!”


May 1, 2014

Jack of Cubs


Growing up the flag of the United Kingdom was called the Union Jack. Now apparently it has been given its ‘correct’ term as the plain old Union Flag. The ‘jack’ flag being the bow flag hoisted on the jack staff of a naval ship. It’ll still be the Union Jack to me…. Well until the loss of St Andrews Saltire when Scots independence occurs.
Nevertheless it looks pretty good on the petrol tank of a Triumph Cub too!

April 30, 2014

Drawing on Experience


After the last few entries of assembly here’s a review of the exploded workshop manual drawings. I’ve posted these before during research but now we’ve seen the components go back together they have more life.


The cylinder head with valves; crankshaft, pistons and timing cams. I like the penmanship of these technical drawings, you can see the draughtsmans unique hand in them.

April 29, 2014

Egg Grouping…


The clutch is the hidden unsung hero of the transmission: where rotational power is transfered from the engine driveshaft, through the gearbox and on to the back wheel. Allowing power to be controlled to change gearing whilst allowing the engine to continue spinning. Known as a basket clutch it contains a series of alternating friction and smooth plates each with  inner and outer lugs that provide a keyed link between the outer drive drum and inner driven shaft. Under normal operation springs squeeze the plates together forming the engine to wheel power transmission. When the clutch lever is pulled in the clutch is disengaged. But you all know that!

April 28, 2014

Quite Shocking!


The rear shocks arrived today, ordered directly from NJB Suspension in the UK who manufacture rear units specifically for Triumph Cubs; amongst other pre 65 twin shock machines. They slotted straight on and, along with the forks threaded into the steering head triple tree, start to give the chassis some semblance of the motorbike it it yet to be. I could attach the wheels and she’d roll! Progress!

April 27, 2014

‘Gin & Tonic

The pieces fit together as planned; well, mostly. That is what the soft blow hammer is for, to encourage the required mating of the Cub engine components.


Today the case halves were reunited again with enclosed crankshaft. Chilled bearings were driven home, oil seals installed and the main gear spindle with drive sprocket, and the weighty big-end threaded correctly to its bushing, then the cases buttoned up with a smear of liquid gasket and nine peripheral bolts tightened in the workshop manual recommended ‘star’ tightening pattern.


Timing side pinion bolted directly to the crank, tappets slid up to their home and the timing cams and gear meshed according to marks.


I’m on a roll! Cylinder studs threaded down into the lower, piston aligned with gudgeon pin and circlip retainers popped in. Barrel dropped into place minding that the piston rings seat between the piston and barrel wall itself.

That’s enough for today! It all sounds like it went easily together but I don’t explain some removal, adjusting clearances, reassembling – repeat.. For a few of the steps.

April 26, 2014

It’s all in the head


Engine assembly truly beginning today; the cylinder head had the valves installed: their respective springs compressed and collets popped in. Rocker spindles threaded with the arms set, covers and carburettor studs and exhaust sleeve screwed in. “Over ‘ere son; on the ‘ead!”


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