The Exotic Gentleman’s Ride


European vintage esoterica, and a Honda Dream. As well a a healthy dose of Triumphs (oddly no Norton’s) these interesting models were risen (not hidden) at the weekends event.  The Paul Smart Ducati, though a modern classic, is sugar to the eyes; a sunshine toned Gilera like a wind-up toy; the Teutonic cream framed Beemer; and the nicest peoples favorite in tomato red round off these world beating motos.


One Comment to “The Exotic Gentleman’s Ride”

  1. Now then.. G’day.
    This has nothing to do with this post, except..
    I had a look at your comments to see what responses you’d had and saw, off the edge, the Vintagent.
    Aaaahhh.. I didn’t realise you were also a recipient of his material, I must try to remember NOT to send his stuff on to you.! Lol..
    However, I have just received a copy of his book.. Cafe’ Racers[ from Sturgis etc last year].. and it is absolutely gorgeous. Check one out.
    I also saw “Craigslist Chicago” but having heard of it, and never before had the opportunity for a peek.. I went on and.. entered BMW as we do and there was a superb 1977 R100RS at $6995 [say £4240.] a little pricey for this side but, Mint condition, Morris wheels AND 8k miles from new. Garage/dealer sale. So not expensive then.
    How do I wrap it up to bring it home.?
    Craigslist is rather like e-bay.. no.? Do you also have e-bay.. do advise.
    Now cool, suddenly and from nowhere, we’ve had a good long run tho’.
    Have a lovely WE.

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