The operation I rented the motorcycle from was the respected Dubbelju. http://www.dubbelju.com






Great selection of Triumphs, Ducati’s, BMW’s amongst others. Reasonable rates and very helpful staff.


2 Comments to “W”

  1. Is the basis of this hiring then, that you pick up the bike of choice at one end and drop it off at t’other and walk away.?
    Or what.?
    Did you take it back to the shop and fly back home from the same airport where you landed.?
    Do tell..
    Weather here these past few days, monday.?, glorious,, but days are cold and the nights colder.
    I have never had this before but, the room-side of the double glazed window panels are completely, heavily soaked with moisture.? The house is not cold at all, the heating being set low all 24 hours.. modest[ish] gas bills then.? Well, it worked last year..
    Good to have you back.. is there work in Ca do you think for an accomplished Landscape Arch’.? Partnership opportunities hmmm.?
    Another one goes by.. have a lovely WE.

    • We only had the bike for a couple of days for the north jaunt out of San Francisco. Took it back to the shop then picked up a car for the rest of the trip. The pillion passenger needs gentle persuasion into the realm of motorcycle touring.
      Warming up here. Expecting temperatures 10 degrees F above normal next week. I’ll pack Geordie’s winter coat away then! Weekend here. Some errands and hopefully back on the Cub project….
      Have you seen Bond James Bonds new Aston Martin DB10?
      And oh yes there are opportunities for LA’s in California…..

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