The Austrian Moto


Here’s some inspiring stuff! A small European firm is producing an electric motorcycle with a vision departed from the traditional appearance. Not a scooter either: it’ll hit 75mph with a range of 140 miles or so. Front wheel is hub center steering, front and rear shocks sit under the center and a streamlined body/cowl cover the hefty battery.


Foot pegs allow for either a foot forward cruiser stance or leaned over rearset a la café. The deely-bopper-ish mirrors have instrument readouts incorporated. Neat. It’s called the Johammer.


Design inspiration comes from the twenties with a hint of the corrugated paneling seen in the utilitarian Citroen deux chevaux van


And that maw-proud form? Another 20’s creation: the Majestic. Here in Bugatti Blue.


Nevertheless, the new moto is a breath of fresh air.


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