Tiny tiny Tamiya


Model Kits. Growing up I couldn’t get enough of them! Aircraft, tanks, cars, ships. Assembly kits or scratch built. I’ll have a little dabble into this world of polystyrene glue and plastic. There’s a 1/35th BSA M20 with rider and arm waving military policeman that I’d like to acquire.

Nowadays there are upgrade detail kits that are finely laser-cut sheets of metal that add fine sparkle. Spokes, buckles, foot pegs.

Perhaps some sharp tweezers will help….
I’d better get an illuminated magnifying glass too!


One Comment to “Tiny tiny Tamiya”

  1. How odd you should write this..
    Years ago [50.!] the bedroom ceiling had masses of Airfix warbird planes held up on cotton threads and pins.. it looked like the BoB scene.. and my dear mother hated it.! “Will you not take those things down.! How old are you.!”
    I won, they didn’t come down for years until I gave them away to neighbours kids, I don’t suppose they lasted too long then.?
    In the last year or so, Airfix has released a large [very large] scale model of a WW2 Hawker Typhoon, with rockets etc, as used as a tank buster in Normandy. Big.. bigger than any previous efforts and expensive.. about £100, say $150 ish.?
    And SUPERB.. there are any number of films on Ytube on how to build it and the finished article.. looks stunning.
    Altho’ I have no modelling gear now, scalpels etc, brushes [ I did have a modellers spray gun for air brushing.! Lord knows where that went.?] BUT I am sooooo tempted.
    If you have a few minutes to spare.. you might google it.
    If I had a room where I could do some spraying,, better NOT perhaps.?
    Have a great day and thanks for this. Quite made my day.

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