Grin & Bear it.


He’ll rough it, take the back roads, eat whatever is available; but now he’s a frontman  for the big bad Triumph Tiger. Bear Grylls is man versus wild and mountain, sea, desert, forest traveler extraordinaire. Good bike to choose for his lifestyle.


3 Comments to “Grin & Bear it.”

  1. Perfect bike and our man in spotless kit. Possibly/probably shot in the backlot at Pinewood or somesuch.
    It matters not.. he IS a warrior, a real one and the kids here in the old country seemingly can’t get enough of him.
    A survivor too.. can/does live wild [for tv..] knows how to kill it/skin it/ cook it.. “mushrooms m’lady.?”
    He is, as here, a very handsome fellow.. and seriously military fit.. if only.. sighs.!
    And the bike.
    My choice of new motorcycle just for this fiscal year would be..
    1] Triumph Tiger X800, either model, alloy or wire wheels, but in white.. white for me is essential, in these 50 shades of grey days.!
    2] Ducati Monster 821.. a dream come true. Very light weight with ample go, 115 bhp.. and soooo chuckable. It says here.
    3] BMW R1200rs.. another longed for bike, and a very handsome one. Again ample go and not so heavy.. 125bhp will do fine.
    You do know that my knowledge is only secondhand these days, as thanks to diabetes and resultant balance issues, I can no longer ride. Life’s a bugger eh.?
    And as to bugger, a week ago, walking along a street of terraced houses, only one street lamp, I’m on the dark side made darker by dense car shadows, and going to the chippie, saturday 7:00pm.
    At a normal pace, footstep say 3-4″ off the ground.. and in the dark, I did not see the pavement had ended and I crashed down say 8-9 ” and stotted forward 4-5 paces.. berluddy agony.!!!
    A week later, the right side knee joint is so sore.. I have really jarred it .. and into the hip which has brought out old sciatic nerve injury to the fore.. during this past week I have been unable to lay in a bed, sooooo painful and so consequently.. I have spent the past 5 nights as matters worsened, sat up in a lounge armchair wrapped in a fleece throw.! I wouldn’t care so much but the very expensive 3pc suite was NEVER that comfortable when new.. bugger.! F’berluddy going-on.!
    Am I not a good lad.?
    Do I not care for all around me.?
    Hey ho.. things can only get better.
    But when.? How soon please.?
    Laughs.. faints.
    Have a good day.

    • Bill, Bill, Bill! What are we to do with you! Hopefully keeping idle on the leg then gently back into the fray will see you raring for spring. As you’ll have seen on the news we’re still locking horns with an arctic blast laden jet stream. Much if a muchness here in the Midwest but those out east nit used to the brass monkey temps…. And with snow to boot! I think i need to test ride that 800 Triumph. See what the fuss is all about. And tge Monster? Thats the Dark Side…. GeordieBiker will be subtitled buona città…

      Im going to look up that Vincent going under the auction block. It would be nice uf it finds an owner who will have it running once in a while… Say at Goodwood meets and such. I see in NZ they are having a race meet where numerous Brittens are being displayed and RIDDEN. They are the Hens Teeth of bikes but they need ‘aired’ once in a while. Did you see the video of our man Guy Martin taking one for a spin? It was like he was wearing tge crown jewels at Ascot. He wrung its neck but not in too much anger as the New Zealanders would have him H, D & Q’d if the came back with even a scratch….
      Good wee film.

      Sunday here. Another weekend day before that troublesome thing called work, so necessary but gets in the way if doing STUFF.

      Take Care. And no more parkour shenanigans.


  2. Oh yes.. never mind the sore bits.
    I know you are always tempted by a Vincent or two.?
    The bike is the rarest of the rare.. to be sold at Bonhams auction at the Spring Classic Bike show at Stafford this April.
    It is a 1939 Vincent series A 1000cc V twin.. the plumbers nightmare. Built and sold just as WW2 started and one of the last built of only approx 19 survivors.. it is without doubt, even as Vincents go.. THE MOST SPECIAL AND GLORIOUS THING to see.
    Utterly stunning, I always liked this model best. It belonged to a very early days classic bike dealer called Brian Verrall, and it was his showroom masterpiece.. and used. It was sold from his estate about 5 years ago.. big money and it is expected to raise the bar again this time too.. we’ll have to wait and see.
    But it is gorgeous.. and very special.
    Do give it a look if you have a little time.

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