The Union Flag can adorn anything from napkins to boxer shorts. But cover a Triumph petrol tank in one and the the British symbol feels right at home. The George Cross, Scottish Saltire and the Cross of St Patrick layer to create the most recognizable flag in the world.


One Comment to “Flagged”

  1. Good lad.. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!
    It may be that you are now a colonial and nationalised [pardon..?] but inside that frame beats the heart of an Anglo.
    But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!
    Yesterday, Wednesday.. was my first walk out after 2 months in the house following injury.. I think I told you I fell off a kerb edge and trashed my knee. Everybody needs their knee to get around on. I couldn’t manage AND it really was agony.. just awful.
    But we [moi] are very manly and managed in a cursive and manly manner. And slept in an armchair for 5 weeks. That bad.
    So.. a walk, in the countryside on level paths and pavement past an old mill and millstream.. about 3 miles for a first go.
    Arriving halfway at a gorgeous country pub for a coke and XL cheese crisps.. as yer do.!
    Glorious sunny day, early trees starting to show colour, flowers everywhere, lovely northern English, largely georgian village, yearling calves, and lambs in every field. Wonderful.. and so warm. Loved it.
    Life IS magnificent. Magic.
    Have a fab day

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