Diggin’ Life


Desert Sled in oil. Fag loosely attached to his bottom lip our Triumph racer Steve McQueen takes a rest at some fast ‘n’ dusty event in SoCal mid-sixties. The Moto looks spare and ready for gravelly action. 

“Diggin’ Life” – original oil on canvas painting (28″ x 37″) by Tom Fritz www.FritzArt.com 


4 Comments to “Diggin’ Life”

  1. Well done you.!
    This is certainly the best painted representation I have ever seen of him. Both the bike and his image are true to life, whoever did this has surely caught the spirit of the man.
    I am not such a McQueen fan as I think that he has been done to death with every chancer on his bandwagon.. BUT.. and however, I really do recognise his celeb’ status and sheer presence.. and he is such such an iconic dude.
    Lovely picture. Thanks for posting.

  2. Amen….I second that. You have a real nose for finding iconic images to post on your blog GB….always worth a look and I profile you to all, not just my biker mates, but to anyone with a eye for the unusual and quirky which you so often dig up.. Cheers, Les

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