Put that in your pipe and smoke it


Quite a dapper chap in his spats, plus fours, cardigan and briar pipe perched on his lip. Missus looks on in glamorous attitude: no doubt looking forward to a wind blown spin letting her coat drift behind.  Das ist ein gut mottorad.


5 Comments to “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”

  1. Is that not simply lovely.. a very period piece of studio artwork.. beautifully done.
    His lady is a babe.
    From Triumph’s early period where it started in Germany.. he is so Fatherland.. so hardcore 1920’s.
    Wonder if he joined the party.?
    Have a wonderful WE.
    Cumberland show here at Carlisle tomorrow [sat’] and so looking forward to that.. only drawback is the crappy english weather.
    Forecast is NOT optimistic.!

  2. Ja Geordie. Es ist eine sehr feine britische Triumph Motorrad , mit Ausnahme der Totalverlust Ölsystem whichup . Wie Sie sehen, haben wir nie gehen in der Nacht , als meine gute Dame ist Angst vor der Dunkelheit . Mit besten Grüßen, Les

  3. Les..
    This bike was built in Germany where Triumph motorcycle production actually started. The German line continued until the late 1930’s I understand.

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