Hair of the Dog


Scottish heavy metal band Nazareth had a fantastic hit in ’75 with the posts titular name:

  Heart breaker, soul shaker

I’ve been told about you

Steamroller, midnight stroller

What they’ve been saying must be true
Red hot mama

Velvet charmer

Time’s come to pay your dues
Now you’re messin’ with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch

Now you’re messin’ with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch
Talkin’ jivey, poison ivy

You ain’t gonna cling to me

Man taker, born faker

I ain’t so blind I can’t see.

Nortons rotary F1 was their last hurrah into early nineties racing actually taking a win at the Isle of Man TT with Steve Hislop at the controls. Many consider Hizzys race to be the superlative classic of the event pipping Carl Fogarty’s Ysmaha: a true David versus Goliath. In black it certainly looks the part. Those wankel power units spinning like a jet turbine at speed.


Here’s Ron Haslam winding this one up to good effect… 



5 Comments to “Hair of the Dog”

  1. A magnificent motorcycle.. and light too.
    I would have seen just about every race Brian Crightons’ bikes were run in.. despite the capacity controversy, they ARE/WERE just superb bits of kit.
    If only money grew on trees.. an F1 would have been tucked up in my garage quick sharp.
    I have faith in the rotary for motorcycle application, and for many years have held the view that if only Brian Crighton would sit down and work something out with Peter Williams.. no?
    Race and road applications.. what a bike that would be. Perhaps.
    Have a great WE.

    • I know the Latter day Commander was used by the police and a few sold for civilian use. Do many find their way onto the For Sale listings or are they all now squirreled away by collectors?

  2. As you know I regularly check uk websites for “interesting” stuff, but have never seen an F1 ever for sale in the modern world.
    There was a lovely Commander for sale on UK ebay, mint apparently just some weeks ago here.

  3. Just to say..
    I attended our Cumberland County show today at our local [horse] racecourse in the teeth of a howling gale. The very same howling that stopped racing today on the IoM at the TT races. Apparently wind speeds were approaching 60-80 mph on certain sections of the mountain, so, much too dangerous to risk racing.
    However, I know you are familiar with the new BMW mega bike.. the R Nine T.. a 1200cc twin with a sort of very traditional lines that can be customised to suit one’s mood.. all in black. Up to now I have not been impressed by this creation that has been gobbled up by the fashionistas etc.. and touted as the Emperors new etc.
    Imagine my surprise when on the stand of the new BMW dealership, there was one sitting amongst other new BMW’s on show.
    Having gained permission, I was on it like a shot.. fitted like a glove and soooo comfy and.. sexy.! Yes sexy.!
    One very handsome motorcycle. A complete volte face from moi and.. a convert.
    I did not expect to see one as I thought they were a limited run and all sold out by now.?
    Apparently not.
    Came home absolutely buggered with wind burn and well wet thro’ from the storm that followed.!
    Fish and chips for tea then.

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