Hog Wild

We  had a day out to Milwaukee… Finally went to the Harley Davison Museum. 

I static test rode a Fat Boy: comfy saddle and fairly slick operation. The wind-blown effect was an (appropriately orange) fan. 

Early grey fellows commenced a yearly procession of models. Basically bicycles with engines in ’em! 

 A wall of engines: flathead, knuckle, pan, evo… Even the BMW-like flat twin for desert warfare. The rorting sounds could be conjured at the press on an interaction screen. 

One view was a complete motorcycle…

Another its component parts…

Beautiful examples of all golden age bikes.

And an illuminated wall of tanks of the ages. 

A worthwhile destination when visiting Wisconsins Brew City.


3 Comments to “Hog Wild”

  1. That looks a very interesting day out.. has a look to it of the Ducati museum layout.. which in itself was taken from the Guggenheim museum layouts of the late 1990’s.
    Was there anything that appealed.?
    I would admit.. they are beyond me, as are our HD fanboys.. so desperate to lead the US way of life here in the UK.!
    For years I have known a chap with a couple or perhaps more of HD’s and.. a huge pickup truck.. all at £6 a gallon.! Yikes..
    How far of a drive was it for you and did it necessitate a stay-over.. or are you perhaps having a holiday.?
    If you are have a good one.

    • Milwaukee is only a couple of hours away so a day trip for us. The museum is well laid out showing the beginnings, early municipal and military use, racing and lifestyle aspects of Harley Davisondom. It is a BIG biker scene in the U.S. With a Harley dealer nearly every 10 miles in the Midwest. I dunno how people can afford them! It was meant to be a three day holiday weekend but I had to work Friday… Bah! Never mind I’ll make up for it somehow…. Saw that Hamilton pipped Rosberg in the rain yesterday with a lucky tire sway… I can’t remember if I thanked you for the Jaguar test driver film; that was super!

  2. You did write and thank me.. and the film was super.
    What a warrior. What was shown only covered the early days, perhaps they will make a pt2.? That would do then.

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