Details, details…

There’s nothing beats looking at the unique details a motorcycle attains over its lifetime. From the original parts, decals and paint to an ownership or two of patina and mile worn age. This BSA Royal Star is still crowned after fifty years of distance run.

A Triumph front wheel with alloy rim and lightened disc brake. Just what I’m going to do on mine. So it’s good to see what it’ll look like: fantastic.

RAF roundel on a Street Triple. Yellow outer ring denotes a type C1 used from ’42 – ’47 . The lighter yellow giving it better visibility on upper dark camouflage surfaces. Not the Mod icon but the Spitfires and Hurricanes of WW2.



2 Comments to “Details, details…”

  1. Hey Geordie…Do you have any full-bike pix of that Brit Twin Hardtail Chopper? Aside from the suspect gear lever (I agree your Hmmm) what’s the chromed chain about..? Looks like a ’70s build (or a modern retro-build to look like it was done in the ’70s)..
    I’m with you re the patina and unique idiosyncracies of individual bikes as they age…a big part of what makes moto-biking so cool.
    Like that quote from moto racer Malcolm Smith said “……I pity those poor people who don’t ride motorcycles….” Amen.. Cheers, Les

    • Sorry Les, that was the only photo of the Old Style Special. The chain was the rear brake link. Gear change with beer tap lever. No front brake, and the low hard tail says “short rides only”

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