Doctors Orders

Fast Hauling? When you need a bit more oomph on the hill climb (or slant shooting) then light up a Camel cigarette. Clem Murdaugh certainly believes so. T for Throat cancer. T for Thrombosis. 


2 Comments to “Doctors Orders”

  1. Shocker eh.?
    Even when this advert was produced, I presume it is 1950’s.. the Tobacco companies in the US absolutely knew, even then, the truth about smoking related cancers.
    Millions died appalling deaths and they knew it and suppressed the information fearful, knowing what the repercussions would be on their businesses.
    Have a lurvely WE.

    • Big Tobacco companies…
      …. What’s happening now is Big Alcohol. I heard the company who owns Budweiser were buying the company who owns Miller…. If they ain’t smoking to keep under control let ’em drink to forget their woes!
      I like a beer but I support the micro brewery’s. Or even super local nano brewery. Maren got me a beer of the month club which sends a box of tasty ‘hobby’ beers from around the country every couple of months. That keeps me happy.

      Weekend! Finally! And a one where I don’t have to go into the office!

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