Hill Street Blues

The superlative cop show from the eightie, though predominantly based here in Chicago- it portrayed an ‘anytown’ city and its gritty policing procedures. Tonight a rerun of episode #139 “Norman Conquest” saw the hotheaded Renko seeing his stolen Norton 750 roaring past. Getting a fair insurance claim for a vintage motorcycle theft he has to sadly dispose of it… Running it riderless into an alley wall.


4 Comments to “Hill Street Blues”

  1. Great series.. the best in its’ day.
    Strangely, tho’ many of the “second row” character actors continued to appear in other series and films after HSB folded.. the two main actors shown here in your photo’s.. seem to have just vanished.?
    As in vanished from day one.?
    Any thoughts.

  2. Amen Bill…a great show. That iconic image of the police cruiser hanging it’s rear end out as it leaves the cop station garage is embedded in my mind…that and the caution from the duty office… “….Hey…hey…hey…!…….Be careful out there….!…” Cheers, .Les

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