A Trump Card has been played

At the Triumph new model launch this evening under a snow bleaching sky I saw the outstanding design detail that has gone into these machines. The Thruxton R was truly sublime. I want one! It fits me perfectly with exactly the same riding geometry as my ’72 Bonneville. 


6 Comments to “A Trump Card has been played”

  1. Any idea when they go on sale?

  2. I’ve just got this..
    Great photo, love it.. you look really well and very pleased with yourself .!
    And so you should be.. the bikes are FAB-U-LOUS [ looking].
    As you know I have been a lifelong fan of Ducati, BMW and Meriden Triumph and some of the Hinckley models, tho’ not the modern Bonneville,
    Today, other than the Monster, Ducati seems to be going down roads I can’t make sense of and BMW seem to be in thrall to the garagista’s.? RnineT anyone.?
    So, all I need to know to be completely besotted are [a] the true BHP from the Thruxtons, and [b] the true [wet] weight for same.?
    BMW R1200R and RS trim out at approx 230+ kgs wet.. too much for my liking.. I would much prefer to see them nearer to 200 Kgs max.. in this age there is no reason whatsoever to be heavy when sportsbikes can get the weight off.!
    And clearly the new Thruxtons no more than 200 Kgs wet, otherwise what would be the point.. the forthcoming 800 Street Triple & R will put them out of business surely.? But we’ll see.
    So there we are.. you should print this photo in my view.. and get M to have it framed as part of your Xmas pressie.. no.?
    Love the boots.

  3. The boots are Blundstones -Tasmanian Docs. Once broken in they are so so so comfy. See how they fare over winter. Its a wet grizzly sleet filled day here. Not he expected few inches of snow, just a sloppy mess.
    The new bikes are truly inspired. Every detail looked at to make a true homage. But weight, hp? we’ll see. They have a nice narrow line to them like sitting on an older Bonnie. So shuffling them along shouldn’t be a problem I think. Slim waisted, but with a 1200 cc engine. Hope the figures look good then it’ll be a stormer!

    I like the idea of an xmas pressie….


  4. I meant to say.. but forgot. I think the RED Thruxton [R] is the grooviest thing I have seen in some time. Gorgeous styling.
    Happy days.

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