This is the centerpiece of the show: T120R Bonneville. It’s exciting, nimble looking, beautifully executed and is a visual clone to the sublime ’68 Bonnie. From a narrow corseted waist that you experience when sitting on, to the appearance of the engine with hints of Edward Turners original twin from the 30’s.

Silver and crimson separated by a gold pinstripe. Knee pads to hug the tank when whittling along curvy roads. Fuel injected engine with a suite of mapping for different road conditions behind the Amal look alike Concentrics; just needs a tickler button.

Named fender support fork brace, rubber bellow fork boots, twin clocks and a beautiful headlight offer a clean prow.

Even from the rear the hourglass shape is evident. A generous pillion loop allows two-up fun; hopefully a lively 1200cc motor will mean ease of passenger carrying.

Bonnie is Back!


One Comment to “Reborn”

  1. Utterly lovely.
    Perhaps one just like this for regular use, and a Thruxton R for those dafter moments. And an XC 800 for those go everywhere, anyday do’s.
    This for me is the very BEST THING Triumph has done in years, ever since Hinckley started.. that good,!
    And such a delightful change from the products produced by firms who seem to make, what to me are “star wars” clones.. not in the gracious, glorious style of lovely motorcycles at all.. just f’ugly!
    But these new model Triumphs go to the top of the class.. stunning. All we need now is weight and bhp. Oh please.. purlease.!!
    Notice however, that New Triumph is marketing their stuff as “since 1902”. Pardon.?
    There was a 20 year gap in this business and whilst Bloor did own the title, and Harris may have made some bikes and spares.. it was hardly unbroken and certainly wasn’t any continuous operation.
    Marketing eh.. don’t you love them.
    Have a happy and grand day.

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