Dark Night of Winter Solstice

What better way to celebrate the shortest day with a Shadow? Black Shadow that is…

This week has seen an unprecedented three Vincent’s for sale on EBay. Lots of money being thrown about too. One currently at $100k, another close to that; both runners and looking good.

There is also a barn find project that hasn’t run for forty odd years. Reserve not met at $38k… You’d be dropping another ten grand on it as well to get ‘er up and running.

I’d better stick to Triumphs….  This X75 in the UK… Now for £25k… Bargain!



2 Comments to “Dark Night of Winter Solstice”

  1. We can but dream..
    The asking prices here on US ebay is pretty much on a par with the UK scene, where there are any number at the moment, to temp the interested party[s].. sorry.!.
    Hey ho.
    Have a grand day.. or have you finished work already for the “Holidays” as it is generally referred to on US tv and movies.. Have people over there forgotten Christs’ part in “the Holidays” I wonder. I rather think you would be best placed to advise me as an Anglo living there.?

    • All kinda Christmassy here but less so that over there. Thanksgiving is a bigger family deal.

      Weather warm for this time of year too.

      This Vincent’s are getting steeper priced for sure!



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