A Norton Commandos Tale

The Norton Project

This is pure magic…


3 Comments to “A Norton Commandos Tale”

  1. Now then,
    I first saw this film some years ago.. a nice story, quite touching really.
    Father however is a rough old cove.. very BASIC speech to his boys.!
    Just to say.. thank you for posting everyday.
    When I open the batting each day, the very first thing I look for is to see what you have sent.. and what time, and set my replies to all, from that.
    So then, have a fab’ Christmas. Are you at home or away.?
    Have a good one.

  2. Hi Geordie. Merry Christmas you guys…already had dinner here in New Zealand so we’re ahead of the curve on you guys in the mild north of USA. Similarly mild here…not really Summer at 14C on Christmas Day (usually around 25C). I’m with you Bill, I eagerly look forward to whatever you post each day Geordie, and I likewise second Bill’s thanks for doing so…nearly always something that I enjoy and sometimes that I definitely pass on to others where I know it’ll spin their wheels. Have a great Christmas and hopefully a Happy New Year of 2016 also (for us all :-). Cheers, Les

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