The epitome of frenchness in looks and sound is the sixties singer Françoise Hardy. She can wear a badged leather jacket like its a runway item or Brighton pier garb. 

 Perfect riding shot of M. Hardy and fellow musician George Moustaki zoom through the forests of Fontainebleau.
This classic shot of her looking back from the superbike saddle of the Honda CB750 has been copied numerous times- but hers is the best.



2 Comments to “Chanteuse”

  1. There have always been acres of female flesh in print in my lifetime.. and with the availability of the interweb, perhaps more than too much.!
    However, the lady shown here, has for me, been a lifelong love affair.
    She doesn’t know. I’ve never told her.. too shy, too afraid.
    I first saw her in a dreadful pot-boiler movie called “Grand Prix” where she was the love interest of the junior driver on a team.. [Antonio Sabato.?] It ended badly.. but not for me.
    There were some press/promo photo’s taken of her sitting in, on and around a GP car on the grid. She wear a knitted striped dress and looks amazing.. utterly lovely and yet demure. Sure of herself.. collected.. in charge.
    So NOT a moderne slapper.!
    So my kind of girl.. always.
    I still love her. And I still haven’t told her. So, 50 years later.. bit late now tho’ eh.?
    Happy days.

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