The Road

 The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. Also known on the maps as NYS 97. Following the meandering state line between New York and Pennsylvania with a few winding sections overlooking the Delaware River for 70 miles.

Fall would be a good time to visit!


2 Comments to “The Road”

  1. I began my first of 6 coast to coast journeys on this road as I headed west on my Bonnie. The twisties (at the Eastern end of Route 97) don’t last long but it’s a nice ride. Just after the part of the road shown in the picture, it levels out and calmly moves along the Delaware River. A few car commercials have used the road for a scenic backdrop. Heading west, the road then leads you to a land of fracking! The small roads of Northern Pennsylvania are polluted with with truck traffic catering to the fracking business. Not so much fun for bikers as these big trucks chew the pavement up fiercely. PS – On the weekends beware of the over-confident novice riders as they will cross those yellow lines.

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