The Tail of a …

 A woodland Sprite in its natural surroundings.  A damp day on the Talmag Trial glimmers off this Vincent Comet. It makes my Cub look like a common toerag.   
Girdraulic fork at the front end and a hardtail rear. Phil’s box spine frame acts as the fuel tank for a narrow profile. It’s a nice looking greenlane tool.

Ably photographed by:


One Comment to “The Tail of a …”

  1. Ouch…! A hardtail rear but just a piece of vinyl covered foam fer the butt-ocks (as Forrest Gump would say)… and a small pad so the tail of the tank doesn’t ruin the riders aspirations for siring a gridiron team…. Other than those misgivings, a cool looker I agree.

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