Wax Lyrical 


Barbour jackets are de rigeur in the damp climate of England. Whether with a Purdey double barrel over your arm, a pair of Red Setters sniffing out a hedgerow or, like this lass here, taking a classic British twin for a gallop along the country lane. Waxed cotton to ward off bramble, stone and drizzle, ample pockets to tuck a hip flask and silk scarf in, and wool liner to keep the damp chill at bay.


5 Comments to “Wax Lyrical ”

  1. Have you been at the sauce again.?
    “Wax jackets “de rigeur” in England.? Nobody told me..
    In shooting circles [that would be me then..] Wax coats were dropped years ago in favour of modern fabrics developed largely from sailing gear.. think Musto and others.. even Barbour are market leaders in this field. I presently have a Barbour Northumberland modern textile jacket, which does everything it says on the tin.
    I grew up in the 1960’s.. hunting and shooting, and motorcycles and wax jackets, a world away from today.
    Always wet and sweaty, as wet inside as out.. and cold.. sweaty cold. Horrible.. I loathed wax kit even though at the time we knew no better.
    I bought a 1st wool tweed coat with drop-liner for shooting, in the mid 1990’s.. a BLINDING revalation.!
    Not cold.. not wet [mostly..] I have bought others, and have since gone on to have one made for me in a leftover of gorgeous estate tweed with a pukka goretex drop-liner, from a mill in Selkirk.. expensive and I DON’T go climbing thro’ briars with this one.! Hey ho.
    Wax jackets.. here, mostly seen on pukka vintage bikes and worn at club meetings.
    The beardy fashionistas certainly have them, the Beckham crowd.. but otherwise.? Mostly London centric or trendy adverts perhaps.
    I actually did think about getting an olive green wax Barbour replica, from a Hexham firm.. but bought an olive green leather jacket instead. From a fab’ scottish supplier.
    Mmmmmmmmmmm .. nice.
    Wax Jackets.. ancient history for a wet country where we really have learned better.. no.?
    Have a grand WE.

    • Bill you made me laugh! I forget the insistent wetness of Blighty. It just cold here. Hovering at zero Fahrenheit with a smarting wind chill. A party dog walk at 6am for sure. Considering the cost of waxed fabric garb I’m sticking with leather. Lewis Leather anyone? Have you seen the price of those? What’s that Scottish supplier of your drab coat?

    • I was smitten by the lass in the jacket by the way… So some poetic license was taken on my glowing words on the Barbour…

  2. The Scottish supplier of my gorgeous Olive leather coat was “House of Bruar” a greatly loved shop in this household.
    They are based at Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire.. just opposite the entrance to Blair Atholl. What a place, the self proclaimed suppliers to highland shooting and fishing parties.. wonderful.
    Check out the website.. love it.
    I am always surprised that you are not an advocate of Aerostich products, who are not so far from you I think.. [ well, what’s a 000 miles or so. A very different scale to this little island.]
    Here in the UK there are many suppliers, but the principals would be BMW and Rukka I would think.
    We cannot get Aeostitch here because they do not have a UK supplier and personal import costs border on lunatic..
    Costs+ import duty+ VAT @20% = OUCH.!
    You often name what to me are fashionista labels, my money would go on:
    Scott leathers of Barnard Castle, Co Durham.
    Altberg Boots of Richmond, N. Yorks.
    Both produce wonderful goods at sensible money.
    But.. Aerostitch then.

    • I’m going to look up that House of Bruar. I did own an Aerostich jacket about 10 years ago. But I was between bikes and sold it. Very stiff so would need long jaunts to break it in. They’re very expensive here too!

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