The British Rouge Sheep Society, Knighton Flock

Triumph racing team member, chief test rider and all-round motorcycle guru: Percy Tait. Riding twins and triples at Grand Prix, The TT, Bol d’Or, NW200 and a million miles of road testing in between. This photo is taken during a one thousand mile endurance race in the sixties on s production bike.

In latter years he has become a show winning sheep breeder.


4 Comments to “The British Rouge Sheep Society, Knighton Flock”

  1. Since the 60’s, I have seen all the great racers on track and on our tv screens.. most of them tremendous, brave and exciting.
    Our hero here is in a league of precisely.. One.!
    All the things you said above, just cover the bases. The reality was that he, for years was Mr Triumph.. he was the anchor on which sporting Triumph, racing Triumph was built. He was, rightly, famous for everything Triumph. Poster-boy, go-to Triumph guy, everything.. a nicer man you’d do well to find.. relaxed, amiable, talk about bikes, farming.. life.
    His master-stroke was taking a factory built 500cc Daytona twin and racing in the 1968 Belgian GP, to come second to Agostini on the mighty 500 works MV Agusta.. at the height of MV’s powers.
    This was almost 50 years ago.. young people simply don’t know how epic that was, and the rest have likely forgotten. I haven’t.
    Percy Tait was a GIANT in UK racing and a lovely man.. as good a racer as any, throughout the 1960’s into the 1970’s.
    But the GP effort was viewed here, in the day, as being as good as a win. Epic.
    Perhaps you might let us have a race photo of Percy on that very bike..?
    Have a grand day.

    • Bill, you have a great connection to the racing history of British motorcycling. When men were men and Woodbines were the fag of choice. I’ll look for the Spa Francorchamps photos for tonight’s blog entry. Epic stuff!

  2. Never you mind Woodbines.. that was old fella’s tackle.!
    I was a B&H smoker.. bit of class. Perhaps.?

    • My grandfather was a Woodbine smoker. My father smoked menthol Consulates, my mother Embassy and later B&H. Towards the end of their smoking ‘career ‘ they rolled their own. Father had Drum and mother Golden Virginia. Both stopped being chimneys in the late 90’s. I never partook…

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