Golly! The Robertson Preserve Company make the second best orange shredded jam. My father makes the best! Their mascot was used for enamel colored metal badges that were collected. This is a cute combination.


2 Comments to “Marmalade ”

  1. Fancy that.!
    Believe it or not.. this very WE there is near to me, the showing of entries for the World Best Marmalade competition at the Dalemain Estate near Penrith, here in N. Cumbria.
    Entries come from far and wide, from Empire and Commonwealth and it is a grand do.. seen in Country Life and The Field magazine amongst others.. this has grown from a seed of an idea to quite some event in a few short years.
    You might want to check out the Dalemain Estate events website for more info.. perhaps.

    • I’ve just emailed you my fathers silver and bronze results for his submission a couple of years back…
      He can rustle up a good jar of the stuff. If you email me your address I’ll get him to mail you a jar!

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