A Short Life of Trouble


“First of all, Michael is very quiet, but he’s a visual man. And he and I would look at the same thing. We wouldn’t even have to talk to each other, just look. Incredible pleasure would build up. Secondly, we camped and so we were outdoors all the time. Riding across the country on a motorcycle in ’61-’62 is a great adventure. Cops would pull up to us, and they’d say, “Hey, where are you going? What can we do for you?” People gave us food. People told us stories.” Marcia Tucker

Here’s a timeless image of a young adventure prone gal in the early sixties raveling the country as an impoverished art student. The bike is a BSA A10. She went on to become a renowned art critic & historian, curator, and of course motorcyclist.

Her Biography.


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