Black Cat 

Feline mascot looking windward on the fo’castle of this lively green Sunbeam. Pilot heaves this classic inline twin along the road proudly.


3 Comments to “Black Cat ”

  1. Hey GB. Sadly this chap (and his cat) are both dead… He (& the cat) were staunch and much loved members of the diverse and eclectic NZ riding community. As per this page ( their riding life ended (together) as many others sadly do.. “….Tragedy struck on the morning of 20 January 1998, when they were riding Max’s customised black BMW, in company with his partner Gaynor Martin. Their bike collided head on with a car coming round a bend on the wrong side of the road; all three died instantly. Rastus had been in his pouch on the tank. The 31-year-old car driver turned out to be drunk, and was charged by police with two counts of manslaughter as well as driving offences…” RIP Rex, Gaynor and Rastus. 😦 Regards, Les

  2. Hey Geordie. Yep, absolutely… The old Sunbeam’s in a museum now along with photos of Rastusw & Max
    like the one you posted.

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