Blue Friday

Sun and Seventies forecast for the weekend so the first ride of the year is planned. This gal is tearing out at speed to the coming Saturday…


4 Comments to “Blue Friday”

  1. So no mandatory helmet law in Wisconsin..?

  2. Sorry, Illinois..:-) How many US States now don’t have a law? I heard some stats last year that suggested no helmet didn’t = a significant raise in injuries, so the previous mandatory helmet laws were being repealed… ?

    • Only Illinois and Iowa have no helmet laws. You must wear eye protection however and switch on your headlight at all times… About a third of the States have a mandatory helmet law and the remaining are age restricted: either 18, 19 or 21. ABATE the motorcycle rights group believe it should be up to the individual…
      It’s a can of worms…
      I just wear my lid no matter what!

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