It stands to reason

Silly Old Moo – cockney mysogynistical racially bigoted homophobic anti-Semite, anti-Catholic, anti-Irish and West Ham supporter Alf Garnett pilots chair bound long suffering wife Else and pillion perched friend Min in this wartime outfit (BSA M20). Voicing an ugly post war psyche of Britain he ranted against all around him. However Else could cut him down with a curt response or withering glare as he spiraled into a tirade.

Warren Mitchell 1926-2015


One Comment to “It stands to reason”

  1. How right you are.
    Was he awful.?
    Well, I have arrived at a time in life where I KNOW much of what he shouted/ranted was in fact correct.. to a degree.
    He was shouting in the late 1960’s + and what was then, has largely disappeared from view to be replaced by what we have today.
    Which frankly is CRAP.. there is a very loud view with the Euro referendum looming.. “We Want Our Country Back.”!!
    And we do.
    Ask your dad what he thinks..
    Have a great WE.

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