Arthur Fonzarelli- aka The Fonz. TV’s Happy Days’ King of Cool, riding into the scene on his Triumph TR5 and collar-up leather jacket. Greasy slick back hair and a fist bump to turn on the jukebox or start a car. 50’s Anericana when is was cool to reminisce during the doldrum 70’s – look up American Graffiti.

Richie Cunningham looks on in his ever bemused attitude.



6 Comments to “Ayyy!”

  1. However, Henry Winkler hated bikes & can’t actually ride.

    • Very true: and I wonder how many kids he inspired to ride motorcycles?

      • The character though was cool as chilled cucumber,& no doubt made riding bikes cool too. As a Geordie in exile myself (S.Shields) I’m wondering whereabouts you originate from.

      • Originally from north Northumberland, my parents live in Ashington. Now I’m in Chicago

      • Ashington, home of the Charlton brothers, beautiful part of the world Northumberland, castles, coast, Hadrian’s Wall. Have you seen the pictures of the Barbour Thruxton in front of the lighthouse at South Shields?

      • Yes, Northumberland is a secret corner of the world. Just looked up the Barbour bike: it’s a beaut!

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