Rickman Rocket

Green Goddess: what a beauty. Racing green Metisse Trident with plenty of go-faster goodies such as Norman Hyde 850cc jugs . It’s got a for sale notice on it too! This one is made for the road.


2 Comments to “Rickman Rocket”

  1. Now then..
    Before the advent of the super swift GSXR, a Metisse anything, was about as sexy as could be built or bought.. except possibly an MV.?
    The bike here is very smart, exceptionally so.. almost certainly the best I have ever seen for many years. Quite beautiful, except.. the exhaust can is much too over-sized and overpowers the bike, in my view. Perhaps something a little more modest would have been more appropriate and perhaps more in keeping with a clearly outstanding bike.
    I absolutely love it.. mostly.
    And don’t get any funny ideas.. tho’ you did not advise us of the asking price [?] be assured from one 6′ 4″ who does know.. you absolutely would NOT find any comfort on this beauty.!! You and I were not built to fit these.!
    Weather CRAP.. cool, wet.. quite wet mostly. My much loved country shows have been cancelled.. ground churned up etc.
    The English summer.. deep joy.!
    Hope you are both well.
    Regards ever,

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