Wandering Mind

Midweek Musings – September is the cusp of seasonal change when the balance of the summer heat begins to give way to a cooler autumn. Green abounds, hints of golden or red leaves, clear skies of fresh air. Enjoying rides during this time with a good running Triumph feeds the soul like an elixir.


2 Comments to “Wandering Mind”

  1. Yep agreed, arguably the nicest time of the year for riding, except maybe for Spring.:-) Hey, I just noticed, don’t you run a registration (licence) plate? or is it just really tiny? 🙂 Cheers, Les

    • Yes, all vehicles need a State license plate. Renewed every year with a sticker. Also need a City Plate ((Chicago) all in it’s about $100 per year. The license plate doesn’t stay with the vehicle. You can transfer them.

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