A Man, A Plan, An Ambition, A Cub

Goal Achieved – I set out to put together a vintage trials motorcycle over three years ago. Using examples such as this image as guidance and inspiration you can achieve your objective.


4 Comments to “A Man, A Plan, An Ambition, A Cub”

  1. Lordy.. that bike is Drop Dead Gorgeous.
    And I absolutely mean that.
    Congratulations on your build and I wish you lots of fun with it.
    Regards ever..

  2. Bill, Bill, Bill…! You just know that Geordie’s Cub couldn’t possibly be t-h-a-t beeyootifull 🙂 In truth I think I like his original spec Cub more than this obviously stripped down (absolutely nothing extraneous), and tucked up (exhaust) and polished (tank) trials mountain goat…give me an oil-spattered, retro, honest and original skidster every time I’m afraid…but then that’s just me and IMHO 🙂 Cheers

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