Woden’s Day

‘Ump Day – What do you get if you cross a Triumph and a Greeves? A Grumph! Perfect name for a mutt; even with immaculate pedigree. Offered the choice of a Rickman Metisse or this… pretty hard choice.


4 Comments to “Woden’s Day”

  1. Choice.?
    This one.. because a Rickman is the default “go-to” position.
    This Tri-Greeves is a lovely mis.. this one is particularly bonny, and my choice. Just because.
    Wet here, and all week up to now. Not much of a better forecast either for the next few days.
    Have a fine WE.

  2. Just to correct what I wrote in line 2 of my text.. ” a lovely mis..”
    No idea. Not a clue.?
    However, there is no facility to edit after the event on this page[s].
    Bugger again then.!

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