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July 14, 2018

C’est la Vie!

Vive la France – today marks Bastille Day in Gaul. Much celebration across the French nation including some synchronized motorcycling by the gendarmes… however a couple of monsieur blundered into each other on their big BMW RT 1200’s at a Parisian parade. Zut alors!

June 27, 2018

Six o’clock

Shadow Rider – low sun, empty roads and a good profile to the bike… US Route 550 southbound

June 26, 2018

Rocky Mountain High

Million $ Highway – great day taking a BMW GS800 over one of the worlds great roads. 76 miles of curves, steep drops, rocky bluffs, wooded slopes, glistening rivers, craggy mountains, blue skies, and sublime scenery. Colorado at its best! And I did the ride TWICE! That smile is the genuine thing!

February 22, 2018


The Healing Road – I’ve just finished a very good book: Ghost Rider. Written by maestro drummer Neil Peart of Canadian band Rush, it involves the outward experience and personal introspection on a 55,000 mile journey around North America. Carried out in late 1998 and through 1999 is occurs after a double family tragedy. With a world seemingly in tatters he uses the continuous movement on his big BMW GS to keep ahead of his emotional demons. Well written and heartfelt about the experiences of the ‘open road’, his descriptions of the many 500 or mile-a-day travels make me want to get on a big bike and aim for the horizon.

July 29, 2017

Boxing Clever

Beemer Smile – perfect riding weather today. A smashing round trip of 125 miles into Wisconsin, where the smooth roads roll across hay fields and shady woodland. We stopped at the ever hospitable Ed Zenders where row upon row of classic bike lie. We spied an older BMW parked on the grass, Ed’s current daily ride; he got it from the original owner who purchased it in 1953 new at Abt, a Chicago dealer. Period photo from ’57 shows proud said owner. He said ‘take her for a spin.’ It’s a 1953 BMW R68. A 600cc solidly built teutonic speedster which when given enough throttle smoothly wound up effortlessly to a die straight 70. A truly nice gesture on Eds part that put a grin on my face.

July 23, 2017

Schnelles Motorrad 

Autobahn Triumph – “It does not go 300 but for you is enough!!” This rocket-red Sprint 1050 is made for the hyperspeed roads of Germany – this bike’s owner see other deutchwagen as roadkill…

March 30, 2017

Thursday Ride

 Mœbius- famed French comic book artist Jean Giraud had an impeccable hand for vivid graphic illustration. Mostly futuristic in vision his imagination stoked the creative minds behind Alien, The Empire Strikes Back, and Blade Runner. Here his moto related style shows off his line, use of color, and balance of the everyday with fantasy. I like how he shows the literbike slightly off the ground to define speed . .ROARRRr!

February 16, 2017


Big Opposing Twins – whether from Springfield MA, Milwaukee WI, Berlin Germany, or Mandello del Lario in Italy; these beauties all have a pair of cylinders in flat or vee form, longitudinal or transverse. But, the all make good power and each have individualistic looks, sounds, and heritage. Dang! This is all good stuff! Current motorcycle models on offer make the prospective owners spoilt for choice.

December 19, 2016

Acting Up

The better part of valour is, discretion. -Falstaff (Henry IV part 1) Today we celebrate the birthday of of of the greats of Shakespearean theatre as well as movies. Ralph Richardson 1902-1983 who, as well as adding unparalleled perfection to the parts he played was also a motorcycle enthusiast. He would be seen haring around London on the powerful bikes of the day. Here seen aboard BMW’s and a Norton.

September 20, 2016

Beemer in the City

Goose Island – I spied this nicely set-up BMW 75/5 in the City this evening. Black on black. The Teutonic lines of the bicep cylinder’d motor look mean under the streetlight.

July 29, 2016

Beaming Beemer

This week at the National Democratic Conference many notable people gave a voice to their thoughts in support of Hillary Clinton. One of those voices was the halting words of Gabby Giffords. One time Senator of Arizona who survived an assassination attempt. She recently brought home her restored BMW /5 750. Beautiful bike, strong woman.

May 25, 2016

The European Female

An acquaintance owns the immaculate R75/5 BMW with reflective toaster tank which starts off this round of five European moto’s from Main Street Hebron. Next up in counterclockwise fashion is a John Player liveried Norton Commando, nice looking machine. An orange Commando with a hefty tank looked the part under a bright May sun. BSA Lightning was a replacement for the sublime Rocket Goldstar, this one looked like a frequent rider polished with an oily rag. Last up Moto Guzzi V7, a 700cc transverse v-twin being the Italian contemporary of all of these other bikes. Lovely! 

March 5, 2016

A Clockwork Fruit

Play was so much simpler in days past: you wound your toys up and watched ’em fly around the floor. No batteries, no motor; just nicely pressed metal parts and a character sitting astride.

September 13, 2015


Make three: we were joined in the Sunday ride by David and his stunning BMW R75\5. It was a gleaming Teutonic machine that stood out as the three of us louped along Highway 12 through Indiana into Michigan. The Triumph were like a couple of English terrier scamps to this smooth Powerful German Shepherd of a bike. The weather couldn’t have been better and the roads not too busy for this time of year.

September 1, 2015

The Man who mistook his Wife for his Motorcycle…

Dr Oliver Sacks the world renowned neurologist passed away last weekend at the age of 82. I life exploring the inner workings of the mind and consciousness, identity and memory. 

He was portrayed by Robin Williams in the film Awakenings, based on one of his many books about patient cases.

   He was also a biker: here, a young faced rider grinning widely after a hare about on a classic Norton Dominator DeLuxe 600.

He was also a big swimmer, an early muscular physique show off his powerful arms and legs. Again a solid motorcycle his steed. At this time in the early sixties he also sampling in the hallucinogenic drugs of the time “pharmacological experimentation”; further expanding his mind.