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September 10, 2017

Italian Geordie

Bellissima! – a fun errand today. Some very good friends celebrated a double 50th birthday and their 20th anniversary together. As part of the event we had to shuttle a few of his ‘cycles to the venue. I plumped for the Ducati Hypermotard . It was like taking a thoroughbred racehorse for a trot… eager to rapidly go fast… and able to stop on a dime. 

June 3, 2017

Brother in Arms

Sultan of Swing – Dire Straits lead man and impresario guitarist Mark Knopfler knows how to bang out a catchy tune or two. But another aspect to his musician life is collecting classic motorcycles; here proudly leaning on a legendary HRD Vincent. That would be a perfect ride to take along the seafront between Cullercoats and Whitley Bay.

April 2, 2017

Citrus Cycle

X-75 Redux – Here’s a good looking beast: a nineties 900 triple revisioned in the punchy orange and yellow color scheme used by Craig Vetter on the mud seventies 750 Trident. 

March 21, 2017

Formula Um

Senna – The Brazilian racing great would have been 57 today had he not been taken from us on that fateful MayDay at San Marino in Italy in 1994. As well as racing at the top of the game for teams such as Lotus and MacLaren he enjoyed the two wheeler. With Honda supplying engines for the mid-eighties Lotus he has a pit bike supply; later on Ducati took him under their promotion wing with their Monster line-up and the super sport 888, 900 and the classic post posthumously introduced Senna 916 in grey rather than the traditional red or yellow.

November 17, 2016

The Purr-fect Ride

Du-Cat-i    Poise, balance, independence, soft, sharp-claw’d. Felines would ride motorcycles if they could. Whether Italian or British…

September 28, 2016

Rogues rouge gallery

Black ‘n’ White & Red all over – more goodies spied at the weekend. A one lunged shark motif Suzuki grimacing down the road. The half century patina on an original complete Triumph Cub. The beautiful lines of a BSA A10 with stacked rifle emblem on the three cornered timing cover. And the L-twin Ducati which in this case included a bevel drive sight glass, polished tank completed the cafe style.

All good stuff.

July 15, 2016

The Great British Baking Show

Cake – the current season of the baking show which features ordinary folk test their cooking skills under a white tent in an English manor houses garden. Mary Berry the octogenarian judge has a sweet disposition that mirrors the delicious offerings conjured up rack week. No, she doesn’t zoom around on a Ducati superbike! That’s the other judge Paul Hollywoods ride. Keen gear head and rider he’s just taken possession of a ‘silly-fast’ Kawasaki H2. 200hp on the road, track version 300hp. 

Gas Mark 7 for 30 minutes and you’ll be well and truly baked!

June 27, 2016

Razzo Rosso 

Cool Cockpit – I really liked this racing set up on a 450 Desmo Ducati. Everything is spare and just-so for track speeds. Tuck and put yer chin on the tank.

May 12, 2016

My Rushmore

If you had to pick four motorcycles to be carved in Dakota granite like Gutzon Borglums  mighty heads of US history what would they be? Here are mine: Washington is a Vincent Black Shadow; Jefferson is a Kawasaki Z1; Roosevelt a Ducati 916; and Lincoln a Bonneville, new 2016 or old 1968 model.

November 5, 2015

Well it ain’t no Bonfire Night…

…but our stunt rider Evel Knievel sure can make leaping through flames look easy!  

A clip from some late seventies pulp comic book to challenge the might of Marvel or DC, as well as promote toys.

May 30, 2015



The Italians sure can make a pretty motorcycle. I was wandering around the block at work yesterday taking Geordie for a stroll and spied this red gem. Ducati’s GT 1000 Sport Classic. Based on the early 70’s Ducs it has a timeless quality very much like the Triumph Bonneville. If I wasn’t so into Meriden or Hinckley items this would be a suitable desire…

October 2, 2014

The Exotic Gentleman’s Ride


European vintage esoterica, and a Honda Dream. As well a a healthy dose of Triumphs (oddly no Norton’s) these interesting models were risen (not hidden) at the weekends event.  The Paul Smart Ducati, though a modern classic, is sugar to the eyes; a sunshine toned Gilera like a wind-up toy; the Teutonic cream framed Beemer; and the nicest peoples favorite in tomato red round off these world beating motos.

June 18, 2013

When in Rome

The Latin moto’s were well represented at the Rally with numerous latter day Ducati’s as well as a few select Mediterranean marvels. Of course this older single Duc 250 Scrambler gives enjoyable views of its bevel driven  engineering. A cousin to my Cub project?


Then some bearded feller came rumbling in on this Guzzi combination, resplendent in red, it looks like a comfy drive for captain and passenger alike. Plenty of storage room to tote a picnic along the Po river visiting villas and gardens.


And finally, though not leastly, a 350 Moto Morini. A little cracker of a v-twin that gives the owner plenty of notice with the head turning this racer will enjoy.


April 23, 2013

The Italian Boot

Classic colors: a Duck in Porsche clothing! The sublime Gulf scheme of sky blue and fiery orange gives this latter day sport twin a sweet look of Le Mans speed. Steve McQueen would put this one in his stable I’m sure.


This’ll give you a kick in the pants!

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July 2, 2012

Let’s cross the Alps

Taking Hannibal’s route sees us back in Italy; this time the other big roman name: Ducati. Always restrained design that sets the high-bar for other makes. Let’s start with the recent 1000 cc Sport model tank:

If you’re talking about design and Ducati mention MUST be made to the 916. It took super bikes into another orbit. Both on the road and the track. Carl Foggarty saw many chequered flags on the world Superbike championships through the nineties. You can just look at these all day long..

The owner of this next Moto was honest in saying it was an absolute bear to ride anything slower than 50mph on poor roads. Long sweepers through the Italian Alps is its true playground. But it is a beaut to gaze at. A bike that looks like its moving even standing still. Darmah 900ss


The teal blue grey hailed from the Paul Smart racer in the early 70’s. A setup given a new lease of life recently with a special edition 1000 cc bike. Modern Duke engine, good tires, brakes and frame. I’m MAKE room in a garage for one, they look terrific! Now if Triumph could do a ‘remake’ of Slippery Sam with one of their triples then we’d be talking!

All these are of course still photos from the Mods & Rockers afternoon on Lincoln Avenue.