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June 24, 2017

Motoblot 2017

Bikes etc. – the annual gathering of the ‘alternate’ motorcycle scene on Fulton Street was enjoyed with plenty to look at. Here’s a taster in a four panel collage. The Kawasaki KZ was in more-than immaculate condition. A bobbed Triumph in ratty patina had a fun tank badge and leopard motif. A 1912 Indian with oily rag wipe down appearance. And a latter-day Royal Enfield looking the part for twisty secondary roads.  More to come!

February 15, 2017

Stick & Rudder

A Good Viewpoint – there’s nowt better than being in the pilots seat of a fast motorcycle. Low bar angle, poise for streamlining, and a speedo maxing out at the double ton. The Big Green ZX14 from Kawasaki is one such beast. Surely a rocket of the ballistic type. It feels sturdy. Then there’s the cockpit of the Thruxton. Beautiful detailing and exquisite visual balance. I’ll take one of each please!

July 15, 2016

The Great British Baking Show

Cake – the current season of the baking show which features ordinary folk test their cooking skills under a white tent in an English manor houses garden. Mary Berry the octogenarian judge has a sweet disposition that mirrors the delicious offerings conjured up rack week. No, she doesn’t zoom around on a Ducati superbike! That’s the other judge Paul Hollywoods ride. Keen gear head and rider he’s just taken possession of a ‘silly-fast’ Kawasaki H2. 200hp on the road, track version 300hp. 

Gas Mark 7 for 30 minutes and you’ll be well and truly baked!

June 2, 2016

TBT #xyz

Throwback Thursday- well this takes me back; ten years ago and the red ‘n’ black Ninja. GTI stays at home on this day whilst I take the express train into work. 

May 23, 2016

Flex your muscles

Another bevy of two wheeled beauties to behold from the Hebron show. This time a selection of big Zed Kawasakis from the seventies. Each different to their owners tastes but all rideable as hell! 

May 17, 2016

Still Dangerous

Ninja 900- the fast Kawasaki motorcycle used to race F-14 Tomcats in Top Gun. It’s now 30 years since its release on this day catapulting Tom Cruise into superstardom. 

That is a darn good bike!

May 12, 2016

My Rushmore

If you had to pick four motorcycles to be carved in Dakota granite like Gutzon Borglums  mighty heads of US history what would they be? Here are mine: Washington is a Vincent Black Shadow; Jefferson is a Kawasaki Z1; Roosevelt a Ducati 916; and Lincoln a Bonneville, new 2016 or old 1968 model.

April 14, 2016

TBT part two

Top Gun: this ebony black and blood red Ninja was my ride in the mid two thousands. For a twenty year old bike (at the time) it pulled like a train with the heart of an atom bomb. The Good Times Rolled on that one!

April 14, 2016


It’s not easy being green: so says our favorite amphibian muppet. But we can have fun whilst donning a verdant hue! Here’s my Kawasaki ZX6 from 15 years ago which was my sole transportation in Chicago at the time. It had a beefy growl as the speed picked up with the ram air intake, and the Micron pipe I put on added to the engines accompanying bass percussion. Loved that moto!

March 17, 2016

Team Green

To celebrate St Patrick’s day here is a couple of old snaps from the memory banks. Me and my Kawasaki Ninja which was my main mode of transportation for a few years when we first settled here in Chicago. She had plenty of oomph, easily cracking the ton and a half, and that lime green sure was a purdy color.

I really enjoyed zipping along Lake Shore Drive ; water on one side, buildings the other.

January 25, 2016

Sergeant Pepper

For the benefit of Mr Bike 

A show held in a fortnight in Scotland’s Lanark.

The Triumph crowd will all be there , Norton owners, BSA’s what a lark.

A few Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha will compete with Hondas for the fair oh what a jumble.

In this way Mr B will challenge the world.

Call Agnes’s on the telephone

To assure you sellers have a home to sell your bike.

And of course this is year twenty four 

for jumbles of the two wheeled sort for parts you’ll like.

Opposite the racecourse on the seventy three Mr B flies through heated hall and restaurant.

And at Lawries and Symington mart this gathering is held.

The gathering is on the floor
Through the agricultural center doors way out back

Bob McIntrye race will demonstrate,

That old bikes can circulate around a track.

Organized by the SCRMC limited 
A splendid time is guaranteed in June

But Sunday the Seventh haggis and chips are topping the bill.

(Acknowledgements to Lennon/McCartney)

December 27, 2015

Hot Wheels

“You’re Dangerous!” The epitome of fighter jock movies Top Gun will be thirty next year. Known for cool aerial antics with Tom Cruise’s Macerick zooming the skies over Miramar CA it also showcases a superb motorcycle from Kawasaki: the GPZ900 Ninja. 

Now suitably available as a miniature Hot Wheels complete with decals used on the movies Moto…

I had one for 5 years and I loved it! 


September 24, 2015

TBT* #42

*Throwback Thursday

Here’s me enjoying a spring ride back in ’05 on my Twenty year old Ninja. The now classic Kawasaki ZX900 in Top Gun colors. A jaunt up to and around Lake Geneva was my favorite hare. The photos are taken on a sturdy and trusty Nikon F3. Darned good camera and a darnder good Moto too! 

August 17, 2015

Vintage ain’t just for European bikes

Kawasaki’s King KZ900: this example was polished to the highest mirror-like sheen by its owner as I was taking this photo. Power master of the seventies.

This Yamaha RD350 was a different approach to speed. Two stroke with Yamahas Power Valve System, basically racing developed fuel injection  for the narrow power banded strokers allowing road racers to scream the streets like GP champs on the track.

Suzuki, on the other hand delved into alternative engine technology in their RE5. A Wankel rotary powerplant, though offering smooth power delivery requires careful cooling and hence complicated plumbing. Nortons rotaries were much more sucessful with Suzukis machine only being produced for a couple of years. 

Talking of smooth; here’s Honda’s Mr Smooth. Offered in the six cylinder behemoth CBX. The superbike that connected the seventies development of the air cooled muscles like the CB750 through the Kawasakis and other 750 and  900’s to the eighties water cooled Ninjas and GSX-R’s. A hefty brute but solid power house nonetheless. A nice example.

August 8, 2015

More Speed Vicar? 

This Rickman framed Triumph stood out in proud orange at Ed’s shop. Next to it an immaculate pre-unit Bonneville. Both truly desirable bikes. But that repli-racer: it’s a stunner! 

Ground-up concours restoration of an amaranth red Speed Twin. Sublime and worth gazing at for hours. Put it on a plinth and enjoy the artistry that was Meriden engineering at its best.

A hourglass figure as prepared on an X75 Hurricane. Craig Vetter inspired lines and color maje this much sought after machine a beauty to behold!

A Big Zed! Power in a Can… Just love this, one of the first giant slayer muscle bikes to come from the Far East. I’m going to have to build a bigger garage!