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April 4, 2017

Go the Distance

Trailer Traveller – if I ever needed to tote my old Triumph to a distant destination I could get a bike specific hauler and know my Mini Clubman ‘Shooting Brake’ is up to the deed. Here’s an owner taking their Speed Triple to ‘greener pastures’. 

February 10, 2017

Cuddly Toy

Tiny Touring Tiger – though a diminutive Moto, some find it adequate to load up and take on a mini adventure. If you had all the time in the world, narrow country lanes, and an inquisitive eye, then the Cub could certainly be an able steed.

January 29, 2017


Like some latter day Ted Simon of Jupiters Travels fame, Kane Avellano arrived back to South Shields last week – a day shy of his 24th birthday following an epic 32,000 miles global journey.

He set off last May and in the eight months since visited 35 countries over six continents

“I had the chance to discover what the world really has to offer, to meet many different people along the way and explore their cultures, religions and behaviours, while having an incredible time.”

As well as the experience of the circumnavigation he also took the journey as to raise awareness and sponsorship funds for the children’s charity UNICEF.

January 28, 2017


Swiss Watch – slushy roads in Central Europe for some laden travelled passing through neutral Switzerland. The Moto is ’64 registered Bonnie, a very early unit engine. With the Gallic and Helvetic license plates in the background this is probably Geneva.

January 24, 2017

Cola in the Shade

Heartland – like some photojournalist capture from days past here sits a laden Triumph Thunderbird under a Central American sun as the owner takes respite in the shade of a roadside shack near Tamaulipas. The rider is Chicagoan Michael James, who, like some latter day Che Guevara & Alberto Granado went out to find the world; though this was in 1962 only 11 years after comrade Che’s epic travels. James went on to open the Heartland Cafe which still serves food about five blocks from us here.

“I’m working hard to keep the Triumph on the road through the flat, arid, brown, dry and desolate terrain. Its new, different, and I’m digging it, taking it all in.”

January 1, 2017

Between the Waves

The Atlantic Ocean Road – the sinuous stretch of County Road 64 that leaps from craggy isle to cove to hamlet in Eide and Averøy in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. Like the annum ahead it meanders serpentine to a destination on the horizon. 

December 31, 2016

Annual Goals

NYR – New Year’s Resolutions: the time of year when you need to take stock and wistfully ponder on what the heck you got up to and wonder what bedevilment you can get up to in the ensuing year. Here’s mine: project; new bike; travel; go places with my lass.

November 13, 2016

Green’n’ Yeller

Subcontinent Sanskrit Speeders – “Satyameva Jayate” (Motto) “Truth Alone Triumphs” A bright poster celebrating the Triumph riders of India. From the Ocean to the Himalaya. 

October 18, 2016

Jungle Fever

Soccer Street – another photoshoot with David Beckham wearing cool-guy duds whilst on a South American journey with a couple of mates. Unsure how many rugged miles were seen by the knobbly tires, but some appropriately splattered mud adds to the scene. The Scramblers look good though…

“Owver eor son! On the ‘ead!”

October 14, 2016

Wszystko zaczyna się od marzeń

Warsaw Wanderer – 
Weronika Kwapisz, 27 years old Polish motorcyclist rode 12,000 miles across across America on a Triumph Bonneville. Taking eighty days she covered a the country in a grand loop north to south, east to west. Other travels include Europe. Her website has some great travel photography.

Her mantra? Everything starts with a Dream.

October 12, 2016

Nowts a bother like!

Howay the Lads! Seeing that this is a Geordie Biker blog we’d better get some appropriate lingo for two wheeled conveyance sorted.

Me motosickle is gan reet champion the noo! 

The Triumph is running quite well at the moment.

Haddaway man! There’s oil aal ower me boiler suit. Am aal clarty.

Dear me! The Triumph has dripped some Castrol onto my overalls. I am dirty.

How marra! Hoy ower a spanner like! 

Excuse me my good friend. Can you pass the Whitworth wrench promptly.

Am ganna tyek wor pet ower the Carter Bar. Weel come back doon threw Seahooses and have a fish supper from the chippy.

My wife and I shall have a jaunt up the A68 over to Scotland. We will make a return journey along the coast stopping for fish and chips at Seahouses.

October 4, 2016


Balloon Bonneville – around the world on Triumph wheels. Etsy Artist Douglas Thompson creates fun prints of travelers atop that classic British twin on the whim of the winds.

Woof: “Whatcha doin’ up there?”

September 18, 2016

Marathon Air Ice

Brit Bikes in Porter Indiana – 7.30am start for a terrific outing around the bottom of Lake Michigan, through Gary and the Dune shoreline to Three Oaks MI. Roads for the most part were quite low trafficked, apart from LSD at the last lap of the return leg! 

September 11, 2016

Lean Left – Lean Right. Repeat

Favorite Roads – talking about the PCH yesterday inspired me to have a quick spin along a local road with sweeping corners. No Pacific sharing the curves, just some lagoons. But hey, you gotta get it where you can!

September 2, 2016

La Moto et la Femme

La Seine – 

Sur le pont des arts

Mon cœur vacille

Entre deux eaux

L’air est si bon

Cet air si pur

Je le respire

Nos reflets perchés

Sur ce pont
Upon the bridge

My heart does beat

Between the waves

We will be saved

The air we breathe

Can you believe?

Learn to forgive upon the bridge.

Vanessa Paradis