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May 20, 2015



Liquid Engineering: gears, bearings, axles, bushings, pistons, pushrods, chains, sprockets, moving around, up, down, spinning. All to get the engine’s power to the wheel. Lubrication from oil and grease. Castrol was the fluid to use back in the day. Even for winners.


May 19, 2015


Back in the day the doughty Cub could keep up with the best of ’em and go on to win many a trial competition. The riders liked them, they galloped over the observed courses and their popularity amongst the public as a daily rider to scoot to and from work. Wooded hillside with rubble stream bed needed in Illinois soon… 

May 17, 2015

Emerald eyes are smiling


The Triumph Cub reached an important hurdle today and we leapt it with style. Fenders (mudguards) attached with relative ease, the front with nice tight clearance that a trials should have, and the rear trimmed down item giving a suitable tail to the proceedings. The tank and seat are just placed on for rough setup but achieve a classic balance to the project. 

Lookin’ like a real bike!

May 16, 2015

Robin Hood 


I went to pick up my tank and fenders today. One is one, two is two, green grow the rushes oh! Can’t wait to get ’em back on the Cub. Sherwood trails here we come; as long as I don’t have to wear tights!  

April 27, 2015

Eat Your Greens

A British Racing Green color scheme looks like the way to go… Silver mudguards, blackened frame and a verdant tank.  

It fits with the grassy slopes the tires grip to ascend and descend…   

Golden logo glimmers in the sunlight…


Some go for the white fenders. Here this leading link fork has a Greeves air to the proceedings.


Green frame a little too much. 

This older fixed frame is a nice balance.

April 26, 2015



Starting to consider a color scheme for the Cub. This one is looking good. Classic red topped tank, silver mudguards and black elsewhere. 

April 25, 2015

Cub Update

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen this little fella on the blog. Some crucial body parts have been hard to come by. However I have both fenders, a short period trials seat, a clean tank. Looks nearly roadworthy! Exhaust pipe on the list next then the all important ignition set up – the pulse itself.  


March 13, 2015



“Woe betide the leaders now perched on their dizzy pinnacles of triumph if they cast away at the conference table what the soldiers had won on a hundred bloodsoaked battlefields.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

Words from the past ring true in any age.

February 20, 2015

Ramp? What Ramp!


Old promotional photo of a new Cub being hauled up into a van off to its owner. Nice big shop sign, pre-unit machine in the window, I can smell the scent of oily machines fresh off the boat from Meriden.

February 9, 2015

A leaf ripped from a book….


An interesting mix of Triumph Cub image atop a dictionary page, itself mounted on a postage stamped paper. Etsy artwork …

February 8, 2015

No slack chain here…


… Installed a spring loaded chain tensioner today. It both takes any slop out as well as lifts the low run due to the whopping sprocket off the ground.

There will be a little more adjusting to do one we get closer to roadworthyness and I need to a an outer stabilizing bar on the tensioner pivot.

February 3, 2015



Beginners bikes: smaller ‘cycles such as the Cub were ideal machines to gain experience on the roads. Working your way up to the big machines like the Bonneville. The fairings look like bra’s of the day…


Perms-lift: we’re learning.

February 1, 2015

Sunday Wrenching


Got the engine firmly bolted in. Oil return lines attached and starting to get the clutch adjusted – missing a ball bearing that seats between the push rod and lever. Made a simple support stand so I can shuffle it around easily. Will need to amass some stainless fastenings for the oil tank, fenders and other ancillaries.

January 24, 2015

The Weakest Link…


Chain slung over the new whopping sprocket. All 66 teeth on it. To ensure it wouldn’t rub against the hefty trials tire some engine realignment was also accomplished. Just need 3 new high strength  3/8″ engine to frame bolts. The rear brake pedal lever was also given a little more of an s-bend.

January 16, 2015

Tiger Feet


70’s glam rock band Mud had a number 1 hit with Tiger Feet. Here’s period advertising. With dancing Cubs probably bopping to that very tune.

I really love your tiger feet

I really love your tiger feet

Your tiger feet
Your tiger feet
Your tiger feet

Well alright.


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