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July 18, 2018

Red ‘n’ Silver

Hump Day – immaculate Triumph Scrambler parked on the gravel shoulder of a curvy road: ready to take on hilly highways. It serves as a midweek respite as we head downslope to the weekend.

July 17, 2018

Put t’ kettle on!

You only get an Ooh! Derby in the sixties; Foden PVD6 double decker, Austin Morris 1100, and a Triumph 3TA Twenty One give period traffic to this Midland town. Billboards with Carreras Buckingham cigarettes, possibly a Horlicks poster, and some dextrose item ‘For Energy’. And of course the Cuppa splashed along the bus.

July 11, 2018

Gotta clear the fence Hilts!

Belanglos reden – today we see out pal Steve and Bud in German Wehrmacht grey uniforms on some alpen meadow discussing tactics for the infamous chase scene in TGE. The Bikes are Triumph TR6’s dressed up to look like the R75 BMW’s that the Heer forces utilized.

July 10, 2018

Chuck her into the corner..

Shootin’ the Breeze – here is Steve McQueen and what looks like Bud Ekins talking off road maneuvering whilst sitting astride a pair of Triumph desert sleds. Steve is wearing his Hilts top that he wore in The Great Escape so this is around 1963. Great photo.

July 8, 2018


4×4 – on-road & off-road here are some action shots of Tigers being put through their paces. Hear them roar!

July 7, 2018


Better than Sliced Bread – ninety years ago today saw the introduction of pre-cut bread. Sliced. Now it’s a term of superlatives. This bike, the current model Tiger 800 XR on/off road offering from Triumph meets the demands of the discerning rider on many fronts. The road in the image shows signage for the Ophir Pass which is a high unpaved trail connecting Silverton and Telluride in Colorado… next time I’m there I’d love to follow this mountainous path on such a bike.

July 6, 2018


Salt ‘n’ Pepper – Bonneville is legendary for the vast stretches of flatness allowing two and four wheeled vehicles to be tested against the demon of speed. Here is Jessica Giesen, who is head of the North American Marketing & Public Relations departments at Triumph Motorcycles, taking a white Speed Triple along the paper flat plane. Without a jacket she won’t be winding up the throttle across the sandpaper rough surface. But the white on white on white looks cool.

July 5, 2018

Moto Jaune

Ten Seconds – they say to cheer yourself up for the day is to stare at something yellow for 10 seconds… well, here goes!

July 4, 2018


Boulder Colorado – the roads around here are perfect for motorcycles. Given one of these machines I’d thrash it to within an inch of its triple engined life…Boulder Canyon Drive… esses in perfection.

June 28, 2018

For Brass Monkey weather

On The Rocks – whilst driving though a seasonably hot Colorado thought is given to the other end of the annum. Sunshine yellow ’73 TR5T ice racer for sale in Elkhorn WI. Frozen lake for a Track is all you need… that and sharp tire spikes.. and some solid nerves.

June 20, 2018


Panthera tigris – what could be considered the do-it-all Daley Thompson of the motorcycle world. An 800cc triple with drive-by-wire throttle offering improved fuel economy; traction control for sure road grip; cruise control, auto-cancel indicators, an advanced trip computer; and multiple driving modes such as on/off-road and rain. Hardware upgrades such as engine-protection bars, an aluminum sump guard, a center stand improve usability.

Hear it ROAR!

June 19, 2018

One, Two, Three, Four

Four Square- more offerings from the Ringwood motorcycle emporium. Delicious BSA Goldstar in immaculate condition, one lung and splendid mirrored chrome tank emblazoned with the gold star representing Wal Handley’s ton lap at Brooklands in ’37. Green lane ready Triumph Trophy Trail, half liter of long legged fun. Norton & Beeza goodies: one a TT special willing for speed, the other a doughty sloper ready for a lazy countryside jaunt. Finally a hefty Laverda 3C Triple, 1000cc of Italian grunt; just need a quiet afternoon along Lago Maggiore…

June 18, 2018

Baby Blue

Daytona – little brother of the Bonneville. Though only 500cc’s against the 650 T120 it still managed to maintain an enviable racing career. This original example is owned by Ed Zender; he’d just pulled it from storage the day before. I’m including the old shop sign from the earlier location up on Route 173 near Richmond IL.

June 16, 2018

Shop Display

Eye Candy – a trip up to Morries Place in Ringwood let’s me enjoy a grand collection of old motorcycles. Ed Zender is always a good craic and there’s sure to be something I haven’t seen before. I’ll be posting more bikes through this week.

June 13, 2018

Time Changes Everything

Far from the Madding Crowd – another Tom Hardy but this time the brutish actor, not the novelist from South West England. He’s happy to be surly next to a modern Triumph Scrambler. Photo from